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0845 Local Rate Numbers

0845 numbers are non-geographic numbers charged at special rates and include an access charge set by the telecoms network provider and a service charge set by the organisation being called.

Calls to 0845 numbers are charged 7p per minute (ex VAT) plus a network access charge set by the callers` landline or mobile provider.

It is now forbbiden by law to use 0845 numbers for customer service lines, click here for more info.


Bronze Gold Platinum
Monthly Rental £3.99 £0.99* £19.99 £39.99
Inclusive Minutes to Landline and Mobile 1000 2500 5000 10000
Landline Rate after Inclusive Minutes 1p/min 1p/min 1p/min 1p/min
Mobile Rate after Inclusive Minutes 6p/min 6p/min 6p/min 6p/min

*£0.99 for the first 3 months then £9.99 per month

What do I get?

 NO setup fees
 To choose your own 0845 number
 National and professional image
 Customer friendly number
 PDF invoice emailed to you every month


 Never pay for any incoming call charges when terminating to a UK fixed line
 Establish a strong national presence with memorable numbers that are cost effective for you and cheap to call from a landline. It's 'win win' both for you and your customers.
 Unlimited inclusive minutes so you never have to pay for any incoming call charges.
 Your customers pay less than 3.5p per minute from a UK landline.
 Keep your 0845 numbers for life and save money on stationary changes if you ever relocate.

How it works

When people dial your 0845 number, calls are automatically redirected to a telephone number of your choice. This is commonly your existing landline number but can be a mobile phone number. When you choose your 0845 number we will ask you which number you would like it to be routed to. Your 0845 number is yours for life, so even if you relocate to new premises you simply change the destination number the day of the move for a hassle free relocation.

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